Learn SIP hands on

The Session Initiation Protocol
A call flow diagram showing the SIP location process
Schematic of the core 7 message  signaling exchange
A diagram showing how the To header is used to identify the callee - not the request URI
SIP is a set of descriptions and definitions that describe how entities should behave to realise call services
A diagram to show how reliable delivery of SIP Requests relies on timers and confirmation responses arriving within a given time frame
A visual guide that helps the learner distinguish between a SIP Request and a SIP Response message in a log file
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RFC 3261 SIP training

100+ focussed videos
300+ hands on exercises

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Designed for effective SIP learning. Learn to apply. Learn to retain.
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Learn by Watching

Learn from 100+ engaging and interactive HD videos, expertly crafted by recognised SIP experts.

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Learn by Doing

Get hands-on, with exercises dynamically generated by the SIPsense SIP Engine – a virtual SIP network in your browser. Immerse yourself in real SIP logs. Study behaviours and interactions. Develop your prediction, configuration & problem solving skills.

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Learn at Your Pace

Take the time you need to understand and apply. The SIPsense SIP Engine auto-generates endless streams of exercise scenarios - practice till you understand, with each question scenario different from the last.

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Learn in a Community

Learn and collaborate with peers and experts. Ask questions and share expertise through dedicated topic discussion boards. Get help, and earn kudos by helping others.

Browser based

Any device, anywhere

Study at your desk, on a tablet and even on the go

A series of 4 different sized screens that show how SIPsense can be accessed from any size device

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Daniel Perles
Sr. Software Manager, Avaya
“The SIP Advanced course and certification has accelerated my career path by giving me the deep technical knowledge required. 
I strongly recommend SIPsense as by far the best route to SIP fluency.”
Paul Earle
Tier 3 Engineer
“I find SIPsense extremely effective in burning the knowledge and understanding of so much into my internal ‘knowledge base’ - due to the interactive hands-on exercises and the expert explanations in the videos.
Just passed SSC certification with 92%”
Tier 3 Engineer, Avaya
“A flexible, in-depth and detailed step-by-step course for SIP professionals, covering a wide range of telecoms, networking and security topics.
I love thetroubleshooting lessons based on analysis of real SIP call logs.”
Natalie Silva
Student Graduate
“SIPsense is an unparalleled resource for learning SIP. The format of lectures and quizzes really aids learning.
The course helped me not only build a functioning telephony application (which received a high first at my university), but also made me decide to focus on a career working with VoIP”
Network Engineer
“The class material is excellent.
I loved the animations , diagrams and examples which made the classes super easy to follow and gave a really nice learning experience.
SIP Engineer
“It was great to learn with the community. I could ask questions and get custom answers from other learners and even from the instructors.
The SSC exam was a challenge, but having the certification has certainly helped progress my career
Ankit Chauhan
“SIPsense made it so easy to understand such a complex topic. Thanks!!”
Akshantha Shenoy
“Awesome explanation with real time calls, SIP call log analysis, and clear animations and graphics”
Jake Cormier
“So well explained. If only school had been this easy!”
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Key Features

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Reinforce learning
Ensure concepts are reinforced and understood long-term. Checkpoints come at regular intervals, each presenting a refresher selection of exercises from previous topics
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Get qualified
Take the SIPsense exam to achieve SSC status (SIPsense Certified).
Comprehensive post-exam performance report. Publish your certificate
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Learn with others
You're not alone! Be part of the SIPsense community: ask questions, post comments, get help and share your insights.
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Points, Awards, Kudos
GeT recognised, Get Rewarded
Earn points and badges that recognise effort and achievement. Up your status in the community.
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Check your knowledge & skill
Revisit key topics at the end of each chapter. Reinforce and consolodate understanding. Prepare for the SSC exam.
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Onboard your team
SIPsense for the Enterprise
SIPsense has great tools for enterprise team leaders to manage team learning, monitor users and track individual and team progress.
SIPsense canbe branded with your corporate branding.
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Progress Metrics
Track your progress
Monitor your progress with informative charts. View your strengths and weaknesses. Track your course completion data.
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Courses & Pricing

3 courses - 3 levels of expertise
Representation of SIP message exchange

SIP Basics

A great way to sample the hands-on learning experience from SIPsense
5 video lessons
9 learn-by-doing exercises
1 checkpoint review
~ 1 hour study time
Learn in a community
Completion certificate
SSC Exam / Certification
free forever
SIP protocol, represented as a rule book

SIP Foundation

A focus on core RFC 3261: messages, headers, devices, behaviours & call flows
70 video lessons
182 learn-by-doing exercises
25 checkpoint reviews
~ 40 hours study time
Learn in a community
Completion certificate
SSC Exam / Certification
12 months access
A representation of a complex conferencing call flow

SIP Advanced

SIP for the enterprise/carrier - how SIP provides advanced routing & services
104 video lessons
317 learn-by-doing exercises
61 checkpoint reviews
~ 60 hours study time
Learn in a community
Completion certificate
SSC Exam / Certification
from £300
12 months access
If you're an enterprise looking to train your team, check out  SIPsense for the Enterprise

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete the course?

That depends on your study style. As a rough guide most people complete SIP Foundation in around 40 hours and SIP Advanced in around 60 hours.

Can I revisit course content after completing the course?

Absolutely. You are licensed for a whole year, so feel free to revisit and revise any time you like within the year. Many technicians like to keep SIPsense handy as a resource reminder in the field.
Get 75% discount on renewals and keep SIPsense as a continuous reference resource.

Are subtitles availble on the course videos?

Yes. Every video has CC subtitles in English, making it easier for ESL folks to follow the narrative. Watch this space for subtitles in other languages.
Check out some subtitle examples here. Click CC bottom right of video to show subtitle options.

Can I publish my SSC certificate?

Yes, SIPsense Certified (SSC) certifications are publishable. From your profile page, set Certificates to Publish. You'll then get a link to your published certificates. Feel free to add your personalised certificate URLs to your CV or publish them on social media.

Can I enrol others from my team?

You bet. SIPsense has some great features for team accounts and team leaders, including bulk import, team meterics, league tables, points & badges, individual metrics, individual and team goal setting, and more.
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Are bulk discounts available for team enrolment?

Absolutely. Pop over to the Enterprise page to learn more about team discounts.
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Can I take the SSC exam without enroling on SIP Advanced?

Yes, you don't need to enrol on SIP Advanced in order to take the SSC exam. SSC exam licenses can be purchased separately.
That said, SIPsense prepares you well for the exam, so we would highly recommend a study of SIP Advanced before taking the exam.
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